Casper Gaming Developer Corner
Casper Gaming Developer Corner


There are many people who help make Casper Gaming possible and who I would like to thank.

The RPG maker Community

RPG Maker Web which is a very valuable community resource for all things related to the various RPG Makers.

RPG Maker Central which is where I hosted my VX Ace scripts and got valuable feedback and where bugs were brought to my attention so they could be fixed.

All of those who were involved in the RPG Maker VX School project which helped me learn the basics of the RPG Maker way back when.

Patreon Friends

Stapleton, Cody Copeland, Steve, Danny P, NumiTuwi (J Le), Corey V., Geth N7, Lady Moon, Christina White, Karmator, Thorion, dum belf, Oleg KhoKhulin, Jonas King Jr., Knightmare, Alex McDaniel, Jhin, Gaelikitten, Michael Pryke, Zaven, Luc Lacourse, Sarah, Airways, Daryl, Fenned, Jennavieve, Ryan Howes, NeoSoulGamer, Kentaro28, Jerry, Fabien Amelie, Rocky, Zian U, Starbird, Zaius, Zakrijazh, R-TheWhiteTiger, Paul Robert Miller, Deevil, [Gothicvoid] in conjunction with CCCreations, Chucketbucket007, Chris Noble, Konan, PassingbyPosts, Zsolt Olah, Allen Roberts, Jade Ulrand, Patryk, Eyana Yan, Shiroiavenue, Fratdaddy and Bjorn, SirCuddlesWorth, Hans Joachim, Dylan murcg, Alchemus, DevChill, Hikari Rishinku, letgetdisyxreaper x, Joshua Evans, Lawliet Orochi, Daniel Vallejos, Bilexth, Penny Mouse, Rose Rivia, BaoKB, Lucan Wolf, Derek Cheong, JH See, Kurochan, chickenjuice69, Shayne Hurdle, ArsonMuffin, Etamo Studio, Gabo Pinheiro, Hellion Prime, Tyler Muranaka, Laskald, Bouchard, Ben Beach, Jasper, Bryce Kelly, enigman, Ridge Bouthors, Ye Hua, Piotr Frąckiewicz, Joe Mitchell, and Benoit Morales.
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