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Casper Gaming Developer Corner



Q: I have feedback/questions/need support, how do I contact Casper Gaming?
A: You can contact Casper Gaming by leaving a comment on a forum post, leaving a comment on a patreon post, or by leaving a message in the discord.

Q: I am confused about something with one of your plugins, do you have any documentation or tutorials?
A: Every public plugin has a demo which you can download and open in the editor to see how something is done. Demos typically use outdated versions of the plugin, but they should be useful to learn how to do something or set something up. You can find the demo below the screenshots section on any MZ+ plugin page.

Q: Do you have a newsletter or anything to let me know when an update or new plugin is released?
A: Casper Gaming does not have a newsletter, but you can join the Discord server and choose roles that will notify you when an update or new plugin is released. Casper Gaming also posts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Itch, and YouTube when a new plugin is available.

Q: I want to use your resources in my game. What do I need to do for credit and does it cost anything?
A: The TLDR is that all resources made by Casper Gaming are completely free to use in any project. Some materials may have additional requirements, such as an rtp edit may require you to own the license to a specific RPG Maker program. These additional requirements will be noted on the resource. You can read the full terms of use here.

Q: How active is Casper Gaming?
A: I try to be as active as possible. Please keep in mind that Casper Gaming is just one person, not a team like some other RPG Maker resource groups. Discord or Patreon is the best way to reach me, but I do try to check the RPG Maker Web forums at least once a day. RPG Maker is also something I do on the side, separate from my day job, so I typically cannot respond during working hours and depending on how busy my day job is, Casper Gaming may see more or less activity in any given month.


Q: How do polls work?
A: Casper Gaming polls everything related to plugins, from which one gets an update next to which original idea will be created into a plugin next. These polls are available to Patrons only, and any tier can vote.

Q: A plugin has been in alpha/beta for a long time, surely it is ready to release by now?
A: Work on plugins is not something that is constantly occurring. Ideally, at least one plugin will enter alpha each month, one will move from alpha to beta, and one will move from beta to fully released. Some plugins will sit in alpha/beta longer than others, especially if they are large plugins with many features. Priority is given to releasing new alpha plugins and moving alpha plugins to beta. All alpha/beta plugins should be stable, they just may not be feature complete or fully optimized and future updates may not be backwards compatible with older versions. If you don't want to wait to access these plugins, you can become a Patron on Patreon.

Q: I cannot pay via patreon/dislike subscription models/etc, do you offer alternative options to access Beta/Alpha plugins?
A: I am sorry, but at this time I only accept Patreon for allowing access to beta/alpha plugins.


Q: Can I translate a plugin of yours into my language?
A: Yes, if it is from MZ or newer! If you would like to translate one of my plugins into your language, please send me a DM on Discord. I will add your translation to the plugin and give translation credits to you.

Q: One of your plugins has a bad or incomplete translation?
A: I only speak English at a level where I can write documentation for my plugins, so translations are done by volunteers who have gotten in contact with me. If you feel there is an error in a translation you can let me know via a Discord DM. Sometimes plugins may include partial English. This can occur after an update where documentation changed or new parameters were added, as I added them in English and they have not yet been translated.

Legacy Resources

Q: Will you ever be updating your older MV or Ace resources?
A: Casper Gaming no longer supports legacy resources with new features, only bugfixes can be added to legacy resources. Legacy resources include anything listed in the Legacy Resource section of the website.

Q: Do you have outdated versions of your plugins available for download?
A: It is not recommended to use outdated versions of CGMZ Plugins, oftentimes they may contain bugs that later versions fixed. You can often find an early version in the demo, but it is not recommended to use it. Typically, old versions of plugins are lost forever once updated.