Casper Gaming Developer Corner
Casper Gaming Developer Corner


If you need help with a resource from Casper Gaming, please try the following:

Read Documentation

Each plugin or script I make comes with documentation built in. Oftentimes your question can be answered here. Some common issues include how to add something to the main menu.

Download the Demo

Each Plugin of mine starting in RPG Maker MZ has a dedicated demo available which should show you how to use the basic functionality of the plugin. Demos can be opened in the editor. You can find the demo download on the plugin page below the screenshots and video.

IMPORTANT: Since it is a lot of extra work to update a deployed game, most demos contain out of date plugin files, but how they are used should still be relevant to the most up-to-date version of the plugin from my website. It is recommended you use the demo to see how things are done only.

Reach out to Casper Gaming

If you still need support, please reach out to me. You will receive the fastest support by posting your problem in the #support channel of my Discord. You can also post in the plugin thread on the RPG Maker Web Forums or send me a private message there, as I try to check those forums at least once a day. If you are a patron and need help with an alpha or beta plugin, you can also post on the plugin post or send me a private message on Patreon. I am not very active anywhere else.

To allow me to help you better, please include what version of the plugin you are using, what version of RPG Maker you are using, and if possible a screenshot of the problem.